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9/18/18 Online education app aims to teach kids about drug abuse

By: Nicholas Aresco

1/30/18 Easthampton Youth Advocates Urge Engagement on Pot Questions

11/27/17 Tobacco companies must run ads about the dangers of smoking

The ads are the result of a lawsuit that dates back to 1999

By Matt Caron

9/13-9/14, 2018 "Raising Healthy Children"

A Supplement to the Daily Hampshire Gazette and Amherst Bulletin


10/16/17 Prevention Needs Assessment Survey Shows Youth Marijuana Use Rising

Read more about the 2017 Youth Survey data release.

By Emily Cutts

An Overdose Awareness Candlelight Vigil was held in Easthampton 10/27/17 to remember loved ones lost to drug overdose or alcohol. The gathering was also an oppoortunity to celebrate those in recovery, pray for those still struggling, hear what's working and offer hope and action to those who need it.

Stories shared at Easthampton's vigil for those affected by Opioid Epidemic

By: Sarah Robertson

Editorial: Too many stories of loss from opioid epidemic

Coverage by Western Mass News:

By: Seena Sleem