Executive Committee

Coalition Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is responsible for deciding on programming, monitoring work produced by the Coalition to ensure it remains in compliance with funding requirements, and approving all budgetary and/or press related business. 

Albie Park
Representing: Community Member and Addiction Counselor

Cherry Sullivan, Program Coordinator, Hampshire Hope  
Representing: Hampshire Hope and Parent

Kendra Kuhn, District Nurse

Representing: Easthampton School District

Kim O'Leary
Representing: Community member, Parent

Laurie Loisel, Director of Community Outreach and Education, NWDA  
Representing: State and/or Local Government

Lois Levin
Representing: Parent, Healthcare Professional

Officer Rick Rogalski
Representing: Easthampton Police Department

Officer Tammy Kaleta
Representing: Easthampton Police Department

Shannon Hicks, Clinical Director, Center for Human Development
Representing: Health and Human Service Agency

Stephen Linsky
Representing: Community Member

Sue Cairn, SPIFFY
Representing: Substance Use Prevention Agency

Sue Welson, EHS Vice Principal
Representing: School Staff

Paid Staff Members are non-voting members of the Executive Committee

Dr. Allison LeClair, Easthampton Superintendent of Schools

Julie Anne Levin, Director of Curriculum/Grants Manager

Ruth Ever, Coalition Coordinator